Coding: More than algorithms

Updated: Jan 28

When we hear the word literacy – we think about words on a page, reading and writing. Coding is the new digital literacy.

Code is the language that computers speak in. Coding is the new literacy.

At First Class Coders, the way we approach computer programming is that a child is coding when they create a series of instructions that tells a computer or another piece of technology what to do. Coding is making your ideas and thoughts visible.

During our sessions, we are teaching kids to code, but whilst they are learning to code, they are also learning lifelong skills such as: confidence, creativity, collaboration, communication skills, problem solving, patience and fun.

Coding is creative expression. Lulu wrote this script for Rainbow Fish.

Our coding sessions mix storytelling and animations with logic, creativity, critical thinking and fun which is a great foundation for any child.

We’ve found that creating digital stories through coding is powerful and it has the potential to transform learning for children and grownups alike.

With so many learning options, we've made learning to code easy. First timers welcome, you will be thrilled to see what they create.

We look forward to seeing you #PlayCodeGrow with us soon!

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