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Why Coding?

Coding is essential to help students thrive in a future driven by technology.

Coding teaches children the skills and mindset that will last a lifetime.


We believe in using play to establish the early steps of coding and STEM thinking.

Our dynamic and responsive coding program combines unplugged play to help children understand and translate programming concepts to positive screen time.


Coding isn't about what you know.

It's about what you discover through exploration, imagination and enthusiasm.

Children create, and write code to make their digital interactive stories, games and animations.


The First Class Coders Approach.

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for digital skills and literacy. The tech sector has and will continue to experience unmet demand as the tech skills shortage increases.

With the opportunities that coding provides, many parents would like their children to learn computer programming . But not every school offers children this chance.

There are a lack of opportunities for the youngest minds to positively engage with tech, learn vital computer programming and digital  skills for the future.

As a result, many forward-thinking grownups are seeking out First Class Coders, as we make learning 21st century skills accessible for the youngest of minds.

Children learn to code without needing to read or write. Our coding & robotics classes and courses are designed to teach these skills to children aged 5+ years. In an easy, playful and fun way. 

Our unique approach gives each child a solid grounding in programming and helps them to develop critical thinking, problem solving skills in an enjoyable and non-pressured environment.

Frequently Asked 

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First Class Coders gives children the fundamental skills needed to start on their coding journey.

Students to grow, progress and develop their technical ability to create more complex programs.

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