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Code Comprehension

With First Class Coders concepts are reinforced.

These Scratchjr projects have deliberate errors in their lines of code. Mistakes in code are called bugs.


To fix the bugs students need to find the bug and get rid of it. This is called debugging. 


Can you correct each of these scripts?


A. Oh no! The whale just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I don't want it to.

Can you see what the problem is with this script?

B. Why doesn't the star keep spinning when I run the program? 

Can you fix it?

C. The fish does move when I press the green flag.

What's the problem?


Debugging - Loops


Debugging - Night Sky


Debugging - Star

The aim of these exercise is for learners to understand that there are a range of ways to solve a problem in the computer programming.


Within each lesson there is an element of learners demonstrating their code comprehension, can they explain the problem and how their script solves the issue?

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