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Coding in the Community

Inclusive and accessible coding opportunities for children & families.

Beautiful black girl with bunches smiling using her First Class Coders computer tablet

Creative & Collaborative
Partnering Opportunities

No hassle, no fuss - we bring the tech!

Flexible and Mobile


Outreach Options

First Class Coders is a fun, engaging and educational enrichment program for children ages 4+ years

Image by Gautam Arora

Early Years & Nurseries

See for yourself how much children learn!

They don't need to be able to read or write to learn to code. 


Coding School Image.jpg


Our daytime or after-school clubs at your setting .

Perfect for KS1!


Community Organisations

 We are keen to work with charities, community groups and grass roots organisations!


Allowing a greater opportunity for us to make our vision and approach of accessible and inclusive coding & robotics courses for all. 

Summer Workshop.jpg

Holiday Club Providers

We come to your holiday camp setting and turn computer programming into an interactive activity.

Kids explore coding as they utilise technology as a tool for creativity, expression and fun.

Library Session


Digital Literacy

Support and engage a wider number of families to create, collaborate and learn together using digital technology and media for artistic expression.

Sutton - August 2021.jpeg


We are always keen to hear from more organisations that wish to work with us to deliver fantastic STEAM workshops.

Merton Council

Black History Month Art, Craft & Coding sessions.

British Science Association

British Science Week - Gravity & Weightlessness Project.

Time Out Youth Project

" I Am A Game Designer" workshops as part of their HAF program.

Sutton African & Caribbean Cultural Organisation

Creative Coding - Anansi the spider. Story, Art & Craft Workshops

Sutton Council

Family Learning Coding Workshop. Innovative History - Gladys West.

Sutton New Town Festival

Coding in the Wild- Mini beast Mayhem session - Summer in the Garden.

UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

George Washington Gibbs and the Adelie penguins. Coding & Robotics and the environment.

#PlayCodeGrow with us!

“She won their trust and interest very quickly.  Introduced them to the online coding programme, taking it at just the right pace and before they knew it, they had written their own codes to create  animations!”

Thomas and Rupert's Mum 

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