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Code Comprehension

Understanding Loops.

This Scratch project below has 3 animals which have been programmed so that, when you click on them, they run one of the sets of code blocks.


They show examples of count-controlled, condition-controlled and infinite loops.

But which is which? 

With thanks to Mark@London for the original project

C. Loops - Which animal?


B. Loops - Which animal _



A. Loops - Which animal_

The aim of this exercise is for learners to understand that there are a range of ways that loops (iteration) work in programming. The easiest loops to understand are those that continue forever (infinite loops) or those that run for a a set number of times (count controlled loops). The final type are condition controlled loops, which run as long as a rule (or rules) is met.



Within each lesson there is an element of learners demonstrating their code comprehension can they explain their understanding.

Understanding Loops.png
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