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Curriculum Outline

One of the main goals of First Class Coders is to make our students independent thinkers and problems solvers. Problem–solving is important because it enables us to exert control over our environment.


The world we live in is changing so quickly and this trend will continue with new innovations arising. It is super important that the children continue practice outside of classes.

 Teeny Techies 

Start From ScratchJr

  4 + years 

  • No experience necessary – is perfect for beginners with no experience with code, computers, or iPads

  • A visual programming language 

  • Learn to think creatively, reason systematically by designing animations, stories and games.

 Teeny Techies 

  6 - 8 years 

Code with Purpose

  • Previous experience: Recommended starting course for those with foundational knowledge

  • In depth intro to the advance functions

  • Code with purpose: learn programming concepts and apply them to awesome games and animations

  • Complete coding challenges 

PAC Man (1).png

 Junior Bytes 

  8 + years 

Transitioning to Scratch

Advance Game Design

  • Focuses on building students’ knowledge of ScratchJr in order to ease their transition into learning Scratch.

  • Introducing design game concepts

  • advanced functions and control structures

  • coding challenges for computational thinking

  • Understanding modularity, parallelism with complex algorithms 


Nintendo Apple Drop Game (1).jpeg

 Mega Bytes 

  8 + years 

Scratch - Beginners

  • Focuses on building students’ knowledge of the  Scratch platform.

  • Familiarisation how math concepts such as understanding time, coordinates, angles and the use of mathematical operators are used to create projects

  • Introducing coding concepts

  • Create and design games, stories and animations


 Giga Bytes 

  10 + years 

Scratch Intermediate

  • Leveling up 

  • Creating games using math concepts such as understanding time, coordinates, angles and the use of mathematical operators,

  • Understanding sensing blocks to interact with the outside world. Enabling students to create projects with greater depth and connect to external hardware like Raspberry Pi and ready to transition to Python.

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