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Start Using Scratch

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We use the best coding platform to inspire kids from 4+ years to come up with an idea and the create it on the screen. Scratch is a coding platform where you can create your own stories, games and animations.

We strongly believe that Scratch is the best platform for teaching children of all ages to code and here's why...............

Children are going to need a different set of skills for success in the 21st century!

Starting From Scratch with First Class Coders


Room for growth like no other.

The graphic interface gives children as young as 4 the ability to create something cool whilst getting them hooked on learning. 


Real tool for creation

Unlike other methods and platforms which children to code, Scratch is a real tool for creation. Giving children the ability to come up with an idea and then create it on the screen. There's no limit to what they can do.


Skills for their future, so much fun right now

Helps children to develop their understanding of math from simple subtraction and addition in ScratchJr to understanding time, coordinates, angles and use of mathematical operators in Scratch.


From Simplicity to Complex Algorithms

Scratch is so powerful that it can be used to create amazing projects with a few lines of code or to create complex arcade games such as Pac-man or Super Mario Bros. 


Stepping stone to other languages

This skills acquired while learning to code with us can be easily translated into other more text based languages such as Python and Java. Your child is learning an extremely useful skill!


Our First Class Program

Our curriculum teaches children to code, one game at a time. Our unique approach creates engagement within the classroom and motivates kids to do their "homework" and continue learning.

He loves learning with you! This year he's gone from a simple Dance Party project to creating a Super Mario inspired game. 

Quincy's Dad

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