Secret Keyboard Hacks for Children and Grown-ups

Updated: Feb 23

I am still surprised by how few people know about simple computing hacks like being able to split your screen in two halves so, that you can view two different windows at the same time.

Keyboard shortcuts are simple commands that keep your fingers on your keyboard instead of jumping back and forth to your mouse.

You probably already know common keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste, but there are tons of other shortcuts to do just about anything on your computer or in a specific program.

Learning these keyboard shortcuts can make your life so much easier.

Splitting screens is a super useful trick when taking online classes with First Class Coders. Doing so will allow you to see both the video class screen with your tutor and the application you are creating and coding in side by side.

In Windows, you can split the screen by simply dragging a window all the way to one side or corner of the screen until it snaps into place and then select another windows to fill the other parts of your screen.

This way you can split a single monitor into 2, 3 or even 4 screens and work with different windows or applications simultaneously.

If you tend to split windows a lot – the most efficient way is to use keyboard shortcuts.

This note is a cheat-sheet with the split-screen keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

How to Split Screen on a Mac

Oftentimes you need to use two apps simultaneously without constantly switching back and forth between them. That’s why splitting the screen of your Mac and resizing two windows is an excellent idea. This way you can multi-task and participate in your First Class Coders lessons more effectively.

To make sure Split View mode will be working on your Mac, check the settings first. In the top left corner of the screen, go to Apple menu → System PreferencesMission Control. Make sure that the box next to Displays have separate Spaces is checked

To launch split screen:

If you're using Mac OS Catalina or later:

  1. Hover your pointer over the full-screen button in the upper-left corner of a window. Or click and hold the button.

  2. Choose ”Tile Window to Left of Screen” or ”Tile Window to Right of Screen” from the menu. The window then fills that side of the screen.

  3. Then click a window on the other side of the screen to begin using both windows side by side.


If you're using Mac OS Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, or El Capitan:

  1. Click and hold the full-screen button in the upper-left corner of a window.

  2. As you hold the button, the window shrinks and you can drag it to the left or right side of the screen.

  3. Release the button, then click a window on the other side of the screen to begin using both windows side by side.

Exit Split View

  1. Move the pointer to the top of the screen to reveal the window buttons.

  2. Click the full-screen button in either window. That window exits Split View.

  3. The other window switches to full-screen view. You can switch to the full-screen window with Mission Control, or use a Multi-Touch gesture such as swiping left or right with four fingers on your trackpad.

Digital Literacy for Children

Our teaching focuses on making sure students understand the fundamentals of coding and learn how to become independent coders. At the same time they are able to understand and use technology whilst learning key digital skills for their future.

➜ Coding helps children learn how to problem-solve.

➜ Coding gives kids a challenge, and helps develop resilience.

➜ A child expands their creativity when they learn how to code.

➜ Coding is learning while having fun.

Coding, a 21st century skill for their future, so much fun right now!

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