Coding in the Community

Updated: May 25

Are you looking to transform the way your community engages with a topic or thinks about computer programming.

We are delighted to deliver more of our fantastic coding in community and family learning workshops.

First Class Coders family learning workshops are community events where parents, grandparents, siblings and children work together to discover coding & robotics. The goal of our workshops are to encourage collaboration and celebrate STEAM ( Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Maths).

There's no hassle or fuss as we bring the tech!

Whatever your requirement, we can design a real world meets digital workshop to meet your needs. Our community workshops are designed around a topic and/or theme of interest.

Each workshop has three elements:

Explore: Families are introduced to the workshop's theme.

Play: We explore the theme through hands-on learning using arts & crafts.

Learn: Support and engage families in creating and learning together using digital technology and media for artistic expression.

Engaging a wide variety of families.

In providing these unique digital workshops, we are able to engage a wide variety of children, young people and families regardless of their background, culture or ability.

Making learning digital skills and literacy truly accessible for all.

Antarctica Project - UK Antarctic Heritage Trust & British Science Association

Polar Programming, in this coding activity children had to use coding and robotics to collect the Adelie penguins, just as George Washington Gibbs Jr had done in Antarctica in the 1940's.

British Science Week Gravity & Weightlessness


British Science Association and

Sutton African & Caribbean Cultural Organisation.

Children learnt about complex science theory of understanding forces, gravity and weightlessness. They then learnt to code and wrote a computer program featuring themselves exploring gravity

in different environments.

Contact us using to find out how we can deliver a workshop for you.

Look forward to seeing you #PlayCodeGrow with us!


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