Toddler Coding Classes in Wimbledon

Updated: May 22, 2021

Toddler coding classes are becoming the new must-have activity for nurseries. Nurseries in Carshalton and Wimbledon are giving pre-schoolers a head start in their education with basic digital literacy and coding courses.

Technology as a tool for creativity, expression and learning.

First Class Coders is an educational coding enrichment program that travels to nurseries, schools and pre-schools for weekly coding classes for children.

We use technology as a tool for creativity, expression and learning.

Children practice problem solving skills to program their own digital interactive stories, animations and games to share with their classmates.

We make the 21st century skill of coding, accessible for even the youngest of minds.

  • First Class Coders comes to your setting

  • Weekly 45-minute coding and digital literacy class

  • Sessions are offered throughout the year

  • We bring all the materials children need to learn

  • A tablet is provided for each child - Covid-19 safe and secure.

  • Classes are taught by DBS checked, professionally vetted tutors who have a passion for what they do

  • Our sessions are fun, creative, educational and our curriculum covers the 7 key areas of learning for early years outcomes.

We welcome all #TeenyTechies, creators and problem-solvers to become First Class Coders.

Open their imagination and introduce them to the limitless possibilities of coding.

Look forward to seeing you #PlayCodeGrow with us!

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